Crowdfunding says, “SCREW THE BANKS!”

You’ve screwed the crowd for too long.                                                                         It’s been a real fun ride but ENOUGH ALREADY!

I’m boarding another financial vehicle, one where the crowd rules –       CROWDFUNDING and specifically the FUNDS 4 REWARDS model

Why, you ask?

because people can keep their shirts (debt-free), retain control (owner’s equity 100%) and feel alive (follow their passion)

If you like the status quo, read no further.  However, if you believe there must be a better way of doing things in a world where most of us still need money that’s made round to go round, read on.

The FUNDS 4 REWARDS crowdfunding model is

  • Largely self-regulating and one of the few places left in the western world with few safety signs – you are treated as responsible and able to make intelligent decisions
  • Where the crowd decide for themselves which projects receive funding to go ahead instead of one or two people with big cheque books choosing on behalf of the crowd
  • Where the project creator is in control of their project and isn’t forced into compromise by the cheque writer
  • Where you present your project in your own style because the crowd want ‘you to be you’ as opposed to days of filling forms using ‘CAPITAL LETTERS in blue or black ink only’ with the necessary documents attached and then dressing in your Sunday best only to be turned down
  • Where anyone can bring an idea to the table, you, me, the man next door, anyone and if the crowd hear about it, think it’s a good idea, believe that you can do it and trust you to do it, you can have the funds to achieve it

Commuter Zuit, crowdfunding your escape

How many commuter zuits dressed in shiny suits like vacant-eyed sardines squashed in tin cans used to have ideas and dreams and eyes that shined before debt trapped them into doing time?


But before you get too excited…. crowdfunding is not easy

Crowdfunding is not begging - throw your hat on the crowdfunding website and sit in the sun waiting for passers-by to fill it with money for you.  No, no, no!

A successful crowdfunding campaign takes planning, time and effort. 

Crowdfunding is a bit like working for money, without the commute and suit (unless you really want to or are going through commuter zuit withdrawal) for a short period of time (30 days or so) to enable you to follow your passion with a crowd supporting you.

The banks and investors want our shirts and control and trap us into the life of the commuter zuit or similar.  We, the crowd can’t rely on banks and the GFC (Global Financial Crisis) proved we can’t rely on regulations and politicians to protect us.

Can we rely on each other and crowdfund it?


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Be the change you want to see in the world (Gandhi or NOT)



Innovation – Foreword Thinking – a statement from Eric Migicovsky the creator of the Pebble Watch, the most successful crowdfunding campaign to date about why crowdfunding is needed

Crowdfunding is Not Just for Newbies – in the video pitch link we find out why someone with Charlie Kaufman’s reputation and therefore ability to raise funds in a ‘traditional’ manner crowdfunded his new movie, Anomalisa

Funds with Benefits – crowdfunding is much more than just raising money


2 thoughts on “Crowdfunding says, “SCREW THE BANKS!”

  1. My friend has been with the same bank for 30 years. Last week he went in to sign a document and the latest bank teller asked him for ID. Needless to say, he spat the dummy! Like you, I’m over a banking system where the power is all in their hands.

    • Bank say they want to retain their customers but often don’t value customer loyalty in their actions. Actions speak louder than words! My post was partly triggered by various headlines I read last week regarding the massive profits banks were making. It seemed pointless to me moaning about bank profits. They easiest way to initiate a change is to take action. There are many ways we can take action and using crowdfunding is one alternative.

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